8 października 2010

Valerin Forte press advert renders

Two still renders of very angry woman :) for Valerin Forte press advert.

20 września 2010

Valerin Forte TV Commercial

This is TV Commercial i've made, it was extremely challenging but also extremely rewarding, especially in that short time i had and lots of errors and more or less natural disasters and cataclysm i gone trough :)
And models.

This one was modeled by my friend - Jakub Luszowski.

10 maja 2010


Look into his eyes ;P

Paintover - evil version ;)



13 kwietnia 2010

Photo integration

I integrate couple light fixtures into photos, there was much more, but this is more than enought show how awsome I am :D

18 marca 2010

Technical high precise modeling and rednering ;)

Another super great exiting project, I've made like thousand of them and i really, really love it, ok i just lie to you but how can you possibly know that :D

1 marca 2010

PFX public release!

Finally i upgraded my script and made it public for free ! :)