4 sierpnia 2009

Chess modeling assignment

And another assignment for school, this time it was modeling challenge :)
I start quite late so i must choose something relatively easy so i choose cartoon sea creatures, it sound simply enough :) modeling was quite easy but texturing, materials and rendering takes some time and in the end i wasn't happy with the results :/ but I manage to meet the deadline :) well almost :/ what i mean by that is that I done all work on time, but day after that I find out that all meshes, materials and other nodes should have proper name so I fix it and save scenes, and date on files was changed, day after deadline but I can live with that (I think :)) but today when my teacher evaluate our works on my folder for some strange reason was date from yesterday so 3 days after deadline! on my scene files was proper date but anyway because of this I lose one precious point! and in the end I got only 19/20, and teacher didn't ever check if all nodes have proper name, I'm so devastated and from now on I ask god why!!!! whyyyyyyyy!!!...... ;)

Single redners

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